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We normally have an event almost once a month. 

We also support other events throughout the year. 


See the calendar (scroll Down) for all events.  Some dates are To-Be-Determined (TBD).

  Placeholders in planned month are noted in the event description

Upcoming Events


Christmas Party Note: 
There is no charge for members and a guest
or children under 18

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  • No Drinking Alcoholic Beverages while riding ​​

  • Children must have an accompanying adult on the ride

  • No riding double except for adults with young children

  • No children allowed to ride rescue or potty wagon without an accompanying adult

  • Clean your camp daily (you must provide your own trash bags/container)

  • Stay off pavement and away from traffic during ride where possible

  • No riding bareback, trick riding, or roping

  • No Littering, cursing, or fighting

  • No firearms - 

  • Uncontrollable horses are not allowed on the ride

  • Red ribbons will be furnished for horses that kick

  • Anyone getting out of hand will be asked to leave

  • Vehicles are not allowed to follow the ride

  • Ask permission before starting a campfire

  • Bring raincoats and water buckets

  • Generators should be muffled and reasonable noise level

  • Do not play loud music when staying up late at night

  • You are responsible for supplying all hay, food and water for your horses

    • Some rides will have a community water tank but this isn't guaranteed​

  • Obey the trailboss, scouts and board members when directed to do things,

    • They are just trying to keep things safe and fun for everyone.


Prior Events


4th of July Parade
Schertz, TX


Queen's Ride
In Loving Memory of Cheyenne Sullivan

Laredo Trail Ride Club Queens Ride

This ride is Wagon Friendly
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