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We normally have an event almost once a month. 

We also support other events throughout the year. 


See the calendar (scroll Down) for all events.  Some dates are To-Be-Determined (TBD).

  Placeholders in planned month are noted in the event description

Next Event

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  • No Drinking Alcoholic Beverages while riding ​​

  • Children must have an accompanying adult on the ride

  • No riding double except for adults with young children

  • No children allowed to ride rescue or potty wagon without an accompanying adult

  • Clean your camp daily (you must provide your own trash bags/container)

  • Stay off pavement and away from traffic during ride where possible

  • No riding bareback, trick riding, or roping

  • No Littering, cursing, or fighting

  • No firearms - 

  • Uncontrollable horses are not allowed on the ride

  • Red ribbons will be furnished for horses that kick

  • Anyone getting out of hand will be asked to leave

  • Vehicles are not allowed to follow the ride

  • Ask permission before starting a campfire

  • Bring raincoats and water buckets

  • Generators should be muffled and reasonable noise level

  • Do not play loud music when staying up late at night

  • You are responsible for supplying all hay, food and water for your horses

    • Some rides will have a community water tank but this isn't guaranteed​

  • Obey the trailboss, scouts and board members when directed to do things,

    • They are just trying to keep things safe and fun for everyone.


Prior Events

This ride is Wagon Friendly
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